tweetkids workshop: animal masks


You say squeak squeak and I say squit squit, You say woof woof and I say bau bau, Squeak, squit, woof, bau, Let’s call the whole thing off!

This week we made animal masks and got into character making all the animal noises, in English!


I’m a mouse (squeak squeak)

I’m a dog (woof woof)

I’m a rabbit (sniff sniff)

I’m a cat (meow meow)

I’m a bear (growl growl)

I’m a pig (oink oink)


Thank you mrprintables for the masks, and to Erica, Sara, Lorenzo, Giulia, Gabriele, Viola, Arianna and Ruben for being very convincing mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, bears and pigs

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