tweetkids workshop: pick-up sticks, aka mikado!


A new tweetkids group and new games to play…pick-up sticks is the English name, Mikado is the traditional International version (and also the name for a Japanese Emperor…).

How to play:

This is a game for two or more players. The object of the game is to pick up the most sticks.

To begin the game, a bundle of sticks are somewhat randomly distributed so that they end up in a tangled pile. The more tangled the resulting (dis)array, the more challenging the game. In some versions of the game, any isolated sticks, or sticks lying alone, are removed.


The first player attempts to remove a single stick, without moving any other stick. In some versions of the game, players use a tool to move the stick away from the pile; this “tool” may be one of the sticks, held aside before the game begins. In other versions, players must pick up the sticks by hand. In either case, players must not move any other sticks while attempting to remove the chosen stick; if any other stick moves, his or her turn ends immediately. Players who successfully pick up a stick can then have another turn; the player keeps removing sticks until he or she causes a secondary stick to move.

The winner is the player with the highest number of sticks picked up. (from Wikipedia)



We also met the letter E and began working on the Alphabet. Our letter E book was carefully constructed and filled with new new words and drawings (c/o Mr Printables).

The results were: E is for…Egg, Elephant, Empty, Elevator, Escalator, Ear, Earring and THE END

Today’s greedy snack was..Mikado! We did manage to play chocolatey Mikado for a few minutes before gobbling them all up!


Well done to the new Mikado players: Davide, Ruben, Alice and Viola 

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