tweetkids papershop: desert island discs


Today tweetkids went on a long awaited, and of course, imaginary, trip to a desert island.

To get us in the mood we read the hilarious (as well as disgusting) story Dr. Dog by Babette Cole (1997). 


Doctor Dog, the Gumboyle family’s favourite pet and their very own trusty physician, is having a well-deserved rest on a tropical island. Until, that is, the Gumboyles turn up with all their ills. When his entire family falls sick, only Dr. Dog can save the day, with cure for head lice, pinworms, and (yikes!) even a case of too much gas…!

Making a desert island disc is fun and easy. Take a paper plate, paint it yellow (to represent the sand), then roll at least 3 sheets of green paper at different starting points. i.e. don’t start rolling them all at the same time. Roll one sheet into the next and so on. Once you have rolled them all together, secure them with an elastic band and cut at least 3 slits to the half way point. You can then pull the leaves of paper out and bend them back to make giant palm leaves. Cut into the leaves to create a palm leave effect.


We added 2 more elastic bands to the trunk of the palm and then wrapped it with brown packing tape to create a nobbled, plastic like look! Done, there’s your desert island. We also began making boxes with the intent to create treasure chests (word boxes) for all our new vocabulary related to desert islands.


Viola, Ludovico, Matteo, Ruben and Francesca must answer an important question for next week.

Which 5 things/objects/people would you like to have with you on your personal desert island?

We can’t wait to find out! The end.

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