tweetkids countshop: play money


The pound sterling

One penny, two pence, five pence, ten pence, twenty pence, fifty pence, one pound, two whole pounds! Yes, we discovered many interesting facts about the UK pound. The children were intrigued by all the 8 different coins and enjoyed examining their characteristics.  We tried some counting games and the value of each coin was translated in Tic Tac’s, to help grasp the concept of sweet economic value! 

1 single Tic Tac = 2-3 pence (very approximately)

1 packet of Tic Tac’s (36 in total) = 1 pound (approx)

Well, it sort of worked! Anyway, the most interesting aspect of the coins is their appearance, the letters, roman numerals, and of course the head of Queen Elisabeth II. We also found a one penny from the redesigned collection of 2008:


We decided to make some coin rubbings to help familiarise ourselves with the details, and do some simple sums in English.


What about pocket money? We learnt about how to earn a small allowance, and then spent are last pennies on some tasty ice lollies! I think it was worth it…


Well done everyone and don’t spend all those pennies at once!

2 responses to “tweetkids countshop: play money

  1. HI there, Great post. It reminded me of my two as little ones. How times change, my youngest (15) brought home a twenty pence coin the other day which she delightedly told me she had managed to cut, with some effort in DT, into two. She then went on to tell me, when I was trying to point out the value of money and how wasteful she had been, that she had also recently flamed a penny in the bunsen burner at school to see the copper enhanced green flame. And as her hand reached into the fridge hoping for a can of pop, I reminded her how she had ‘cleaned’ a two pence piece in coke , and suggested having a glass of water and getting on with her maths homework instead. Which, as you might imagine, was not recieved with too many thanks. Enjoy

    • Thanks Jayne 🙂
      This activity took me back in time too. An antiquated design activity considering your daughter’s experiments. ahhh the joys of the bunsen burner!!

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