tweetkids workshop: 3d zoo view


Welcome to the first 3d zoo, made by Lorenzo, Gabriele, Sara, Viola, Chiara, Arianna, Giulia and Erica.

First we read Dear Zoo (1982) by Rod Campbell, to set us off on our 3d adventure at the zoo. Dear Zoo is an interactive story of a child who receives baskets, crates, and boxes of animal gifts from the zoo. None of the animals are quite suitable, but the answer to the child’s prayers finally arrives in the form of a sweet puppy.

Our next task was to put our animals in our own crates and boxes. 


For this activity we used special 3d paper and black felt tips to draw our animals of choice on the A3 sheets.


Here below are some butterflies for the butterfly conservatory and an elephant for the safari zone. Other animals included horses and their baby foals for the farm area, some seals for the aquatic park and a peacock for the bird collection.


After creating an entire zoo with lots of wild attractions, the next step was to get our 3d specs on to see our furry friends in another dimension. A pair of 3d glasses is all you need to watch this new zoo hover towards you!


We’re all going to the zoo zoo zoo, you can come too too too, and here’s a new view view view.


Thanks for visiting!

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