tweetkids colourshop: red and yellow


Hello! Tweetkids is raring to go with colour and counting.

The colours of autumn have arrived, and we have found so many beautifully coloured leaves already. Lots of red and yellow, but also orange, and crimson, another strong, bright, deep red colour.


Here you can see crimson on the left, then yellow and red on the right.

We had some name badges at the ready so we could get to know each other better and then waved and danced with our found leaves collection.


We made our own autumn trees, using our arms and hands to make tree trunks and hand-drawn red and yellow leaves. Each tree had 5 branches, of course!

Sweet cherry tomatoes and bananas were the perfect snack for today’s adventures.

Well done Matteo, Bianca, Martino, Viktoria, Anna, Ruben and Siro.

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