tweetkids goes baubles

baubles01Once upon a time…

I learnt how to make a paper sphere as a tree decoration. Here’s how:

  • Make at least twelve circles (the more circles you make the more magical the final result). Today we made twenty circles each to practice our counting skills.
  • Cut the circles out with scissors (special wavy scissors or zigzag scissors can make nice effects).
  • Fold the circles in half (moon references always help).
  • Glue and stack the circle halves one on top of the other (this creates the ‘leaves’).
  • Glue in some thread to hang the completed bauble.
  • You may need to fan the leaves out to make the magic come alive!


This activity is good for counting and colour and is suitable for children aged 6 to 60…

Today we also learned our English names: Julie, Sarah, Matthew….and Arianne! 

Christmas sparkle to one and all!


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