steller storytelling


Come on, give it a go!

Happy new year and tweetkids is wishing for lots more beautiful stories in 2015.

S T E L L E R is a stunning storytelling app where you can build a narrative with images and text. We’ve been using it for the past 9 months and are very excited about our growing library of stories about food, travel, art, and design.

Check out tweetkids stories, and browse other beauties here.

Recent editions to the collection include a terracotta vase project inspired by artist Keith Haring and star ornaments using an assortment of pasta, inspired by the Italian question “Di che pasta sei fatto?” (What are you made of?).

So let’s end this post with a question:

What will you make in 2015?

Spread some story fairy dust all around!

Love Rachel (aka Prof. Fincken)

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