paper interlacing


With a little imagination…

weaving is easy and fun. Interlaced materials, simple prints, or even plain colour, transform into amazing visual patchworks. Weaving is popularly understood in term of interlaced yarns and threads, including wool. It is also perceived as a precursor to knitting, lace making, braiding or plaiting.


But weaving is both a method of production for creating vessels or surfaces, as well as a technical art form. We started with paper weaving for our first experiments. The children is this lab were encouraged to collect interesting paper to use for weaving. The aim was to create new visual effects using found paper, as opposed to shop bought paper, which is less exciting to work with. We used words to create new textual formations.


The results show how weaving creates layers of information and patterns and allows us to read between the lines and meeting points. 

We will weave!

Second Year, SS di 1 grado.


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