making a case for weaving


Weaving foody patchworks

For this weave there were a variety of learning objectives:

  • selecting and displaying food imagery
  • transforming and evolving an object, and surfaces into something else
  • making a physical object, in this case an ‘accessory’ (tablet carry case)

Second year Middle school students searched for suitable materials including supermarket food magazines and old cookery magazines, to be transformed into a foody tablet case/ or wallet.

The following process goes like this:

  • remove all the pages of the magazine so that you are left with the magazine cover
  • fold about 40 pages into 2cm strips. fold each page in half, open out and then fold into the centre to make equal sized parts
  • place the paper strips tightly next to each other along the spine of the magazine and stick them all down with clear tape
  • begin to weave other strips through the base until you reach the end of the cover
  • seal down the entire weave with clear tape to ensure the case is waterproof!
  • repeat the process on the back cover
  • tape the sides
  • …and now you can pop your tablet inside!


Second Year, SS di 1 grado






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