lovin’ those layouts!

patternexperiment01Hello Instagram Layout app!

Finally we have begun a summer adventure together, travelling around the countryside, museums, galleries, houses, gardens, farms, pizzerias and funfairs. I snapped away, safe in the knowledge that my treasured images would find their way to Instagram (post edit)… but then I found you, Mr layout!


evening trees (left), tate modern extension (right)

You helped me grid, flip and mirror my shots ’till my heart was content. So in your honour I have made a post just for you, a little layout gallery demonstrating your infinite possibilities!

Enjoy your show!


bumble bee thistle (left), viola draws pizza (middle), turbine tate (right)


parklife (left), succ-u-lent (middle), artdeco city walk (right)

all photos on tweetkids Instagram


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