cushy01This is my first DIY sewing exercise. A cushion cover.


  • Recycled fabric. In this case Ikea curtain remnants.
  • Cotton thread
  • Ready-made cushion or cushion filling
  • Sewing scissors, pins and a needle

A basic square cushion cover is relatively simple.


  • Cut 2 pieces of fabric to size. Be inventive and put interesting prints together.
  • Place the 2 fabric sheets of the cushion cover together, with the fabric design facing inwards
  • Pin all 4 sides of the fabric square together
  • Start sewing along the sides, complete 3 sides
  • Turn the cushion cover out. Before it was inside out!
  • Push the ready-made cushion or filling inside
  • Finish sewing the fourth side and close

There are many other ways to make a cushion cover, as I discovered afterwards, but in the meantime, it’s a start!






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