tweetkids colourshop: magic water experiment


It’s raining, it’s pouring…purple!

This week we attempted a scientific experiment with our rainbow colours, water and shaving cream! Each clear jar was filled with a little water (for effect) and a big squirt of shaving cream to create great big puffy CLOUDS. In another jar we prepared our coloured rain, by mixing water and paint.


Next we used pipettes to transport the coloured liquid to our clouds. The clouds got heavier and heavier until it began to rain, and, for once, everyone was happy about the funny change in weather!


Purple rain was created by Erica, pink rain by Viola, blue rain by Gabriele, green rain by Sara, orange rain by Ruben, yellow rain by Giulia and white rain by Lorenzo. Then we made multicoloured rain and new hues by mixing different colours together.

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