tweetkids cookshop: alphapizza (it’s mine!)


Let’s make Pizza! This workshop focused on pizza personalisation, and a few pieces of new vocabulary. Each child crafted their very own pizza for Wednesday‘s dinner.


Oval pizzas for long names (Francesca, Ludovico), round pizzas for short names (Matteo, Viola, Ruben).


Once the form of the pizza had been made, we added our tomato sauce, followed by carefully cut mozzarella letters, shapes and numbers to top off the alphapizzas with our names, ages and special symbol (star, heart, hand).


We all sprinkled oregano over the pizzas for a final tasty touch! All the pizzas were put in a hot oven for 15 minutes and our names melted into bubble letter bliss!


The alphapizzas were made and personalised by Ludovico, Viola, Francesca, Ruben, Matteo and Viola. I have since been realiably informed that the pizzas were ‘yummy’.

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