tweetkids workshop: alphabet post for Father Christmas

lettersToday we made a special alphabet gift for Father Christmas, our English student for the evening. Our idea was to teach him the English Alphabet, so that he would be able to read our present lists in English (eventually). Each child was given a set of 5 letters from the alphabet to draw on card, decorate as desired, and pop into a airmail envelope for Father Christmas at the North Pole.


We also made a lovely red letter box for our newly created alphabet post! We hope that Father Christmas will work very hard to learn English, in fact he will be doing a special full-immersion course to bring him up to speed in time for Christmas Eve. In a couple of weeks we will write out our Christmas present lists in English.


The Father Christmas English teachers are: Viola, Francesca, Ludovico, Matteo, Viola and Ruben.

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