tweetkids workshop: egg baby


What’s it like to look after a tiny baby?

Let’s try and see!

Our newborns are ready to be given names, clean nappies and a freshly made pink or blue carry cot..


Today we gave our egg babies names: Leonardo, Federico, Sofia and John, a little cheeky grin and a safe place to sleep (we hope!). This workshop gave us ample opportunity to create a family and talk about our little ones.


Viola, Matteo, Francesca and Ruben have been entrusted with Sofia, Leonardo, Federico and John for a week. We look forward to seeing them all next Wednesday.


We read the book “Peepo!” by Janet & Allan Ahlberg, a picture book about a day in the life of a small baby. Here is a small extract:

“Here’s a little baby

One, two three

Standing in his cot

What does he see?”

Good luck to all the new parents!

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