tweetkids papershop: potty about words


We are potty about words, so we decided to collect them in paper boxes, made by us.

We began from our desert island discs project, finding and collecting sets of words related to different topics: a desert island, babies, clothes, accessories, boys and girls.

Each week, we write down 5 or 6 word sets on stiff card and pop them in the box for safe keeping.


Each member of the group has a different coloured wordbox.

We watched the Charlie and Lola episode: “Too Many Big words” where Lola is learning to read at school. But she finds it very difficult and does not like it. Eventually, Charlie persuades her to give it a try, and helps her read about Piccolo, a little bird who cannot sing.


Happy reading and writing everyone!

Wordboxes made by Ludovico, Viola, Francesca, Viola and Matteo.

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