tweetkids workshop: marvellous hat shop!


Today was a marvellous day! We read Millie’s Marvellous Hat by Satoshi Kitamura (Andersen Press 2009), a beautifully illustrated and wonderfully imaginative picture book which begins like this:

“Millie was walking home from school when she came across a hat shop. There were lots of hats in the window but the one she like the best was the one with the colourful feathers.

Millie went inside.”

Millie longs for a hat but she hasn’t any money. Cleverly, the kind man in the shop persuades her to imagine a wondrous and unusual hat, which she carefully carries home. As she goes along, Millie thinks of all the amazing things her hat could look like and discovers with the most fantastic creations imaginable. Here’s the peacock hat:


After the story, we got to work imagining our own hats.


We made a stringy hat, a cushion hat, a talking hat, a cake hat and a bookshelf hat!


Today’s hat makers were Viola, Francesca, Ludovico, Matteo and Viola.

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