tweetkids workshop: oliver and sophie


New friends!

We love stories, and this time it’s our turn to bring a boy and a girl to life. Who are we talking about? Oliver and Sophie of course. First we needed boy and girl templates and decided to use our smallest tweetkids (height wise): Ruben and Viola. The children stepped onto the conveyer belt as models for our life-sized new friends.


The children divided into boy and girl groups and got to work by giving each character a friendly face, hair and a few other hand drawn accessories. We had the most fun making Sophie and Oliver’s clothes: a hat, long sleeved t-shirt, jeans, shoes and a belt for Oliver; a blouse, skirt, leggings, boots, and a belt for Sophie. We used all sorts of material scraps to make outfits for the coolest kids in Milan!


The very clever story makers were Viola, Ruben, Viola, Ludovico, Matteo and Francesca.

We look forward to more adventures with Oliver and Sophie!

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