tweetkids papershop: spinning tops


Spin me right round!

The games season is always on the cards at tweetkids. Since we are stuck inside, and it’s still snowing, today we made some brightly coloured paper spinning tops. The materials needed are quite simple, although small children need to concentrate hard and be very patient to get the best results!

Here’s what you need: coloured strips of paper (about 20×1 cm), glue, toothpicks.


How to make a paper spinner: secure the first strip of paper around the toothpick with glue and then carefully wind the strip around and around, then secure with glue again. Try to give the roll of paper a little ‘stem’. Keep adding strips of coloured paper (according to preference), until the diameter of the spinning top is about 4 cm wide. This takes quite a while, so be patient!


The spinner will do it’s job quite happily once you master the spinning technique, again quite hard for little hands, but practice make perfect. Seeing a paper spinning top in action is worth the work and wait, a beautiful visual treat. 


After all the hard work, we tucked into a well-deserved afternoon snack – a baguette with strawberry jam. Yum yum.


Well done team!

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