tweetkids papershop: hiss hiss hiss…


Snakes hiss!

Little snakes and big serpents. Today we made and played with reptiles.

Little snakes are easy to make with wide strips of green card, folding the strip back and forth, like an accordion. Just  add some eyes and a long red or pink tongue and pretend poisoning games can begin! We are also making some snakes for our home-made snakes and ladders board game.


Another way to make your snake squiggle is by turning the paper strip back and forth, to make a ‘S’ shape. We tried different folding techniques to make a nest of snakes.


Next, we made an enormous snake all together, by colouring and twisting two large strips of paper and adding a very long tongue. We called our new venomous friend ‘snaky’!

Well done kids! We love our new snaky friends! Hiss hiss hiss…

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