drinko questo!


What are you talking about?

A small part of the bilingual learning curve is characterised by phrases involving both languages. When a young child is learning two languages at the same time, in this case Italian and English between the ages of 3 and 4, the phrases can be quite funny, so here are a few for your entertainment:

  • Andiamo a school
  • Voglio fare a game
  • Non sono little!
  • Voglio un biscuit
  • Mi piace chocolate Mummy
  • Sono cross!
  • La maestra said me
  • Quando andiamo to nonna’s?
  • Il mio cuore told me
  • It’s difacile
  • Drinko questo!

Thank you Ruben for the post.

ps. don’t laugh too much because saremo cross!

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