tweetkids cookshop: tutti frutti, oh!


Give me a hand, make me a star, and tuck into some melon pops!

A glimpse of sunshine, and lots of juicy fruit. The summer is still on its way…as they say, but the fruits of the season have already arrived. Today we enjoyed our first taste of melon, of different flavours, shapes and sizes, and a few grapes for company.

To make our fruit just that bit more fun, we cut some jolly nice shapes with biscuit cutters and made some natural fruity lollipops. Here’s Viola with a star, Arianna with a traditional rectangle and Giulia with a sweet hand! The lollipop sticks were made with drinking straws.


We had more fun making mini lollipops with grapes and toothpicks.


Our afternoon snack was extra long today as we ate our way through the fruit!

Very good work Gabriele, Arianna, Giulia, Viola, Lorenzo and Erica.

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