tweetkids workshop: dot-to-dot

violaatworkDotty for dots

Today’s mission was to paint the alphabet using only a few colours and a set of wine cork stoppers. We began with a little exercise, drawing each letter with our eyes closed. All the children are familiar with the alphabet but have never pencil drawn the letters freehand, without looking. Easier than you think, if you open your eyes between each letter!


This helped us remember the forms as we went about painting each one on an A4 sheet with a our new writing tool – wine bottle corks. Moving from a slender pencil to a stubby cork stopper is actually a harder task.


Here we are working in pink, orange, green and red, and below a dot detail, as well as the final results.


Francesca, Viola and Matteo did a great job unravelling the alphabet with dots.

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