tweetkids workshop: beachwear and bikinis


Beach vocabulary.

With some coloured paper and fashion model templates we made some bikini clad ladies and one fine gentleman fit for a day on the beach.

New words included beach towel and beach bag, flip flops, sunglasses and sunhat, and of course the swimsuit. A swimsuit actually has many names in English, just to make things complicated: bathing suitswimming costumeswimming suitcossie (short for “costume”), or swimming trunks (for boys and men). Whatever they might be referred to, they will never be as popular as the two-piece bikini comprising of a bikini top and bikini bottoms. Interestingly the bikini was invented by the French automobile engineer come fashion designer Louis Réard, and here he is:

Louis Réard
Louis Réard bikini.jpg
Born 1897
Died 16 September 1984
Nationality French
Occupation automobile engineer, fashion designer
Known for inventing bikini

Here below are our bikini inventions. Notice our high-waisted bikini bottoms in keeping with summer 2013 fashion trends!


Well done to the beachwear fashion designers Francesca, Matteo and Viola.

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