a is for anna, b is for bianca…


Names and first letters

A is for Anna

B is for Bianca

E is for Emma

L is for Luca

M is for Matteo

R is for Ruben



V is for Viktoria

Today we got to say and see our names, and make them look special.


We read the book Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

The hour was late and Mr Bear was tired. But he could not sleep – however he tried and wherever he tried. SNORE, SNORE went Mrs Bear. TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK went the clock. Would he never get to sleep?

The familiar noises, repetition and lovely illustrations make this a delightful picture book to read with children. We made all the noises together to help us along and enjoy the story even more.

From A to V, well done kids!

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