tweetkids cookshop: super cereal bites


Have a break, have a super cereal bite!

Today we made an energy snack, perfect for a break during the day, or for breakfast. No cooking required, just plenty of mixing.


We wrote and illustrated a recipe card in English, so the children can make it again at home. Here are the ingredients, but it’s nice to invent and add different nuts or cereals. Maple syrup is a sweet alternative to honey and a new taste for the children!


  • Cereal (rice puffs and chocolate rice puffs work well, but oats are also good)
  • Chocolate (dark and white chocolate drops)
  • Nuts (sunflower seeds, almonds)
  • Maple syrup


We served our mixture in small, bite sized, cake cases!


Yum Yum indeed….well done Sofia, Davide, Tito, Viola and Francesca.

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