Mapping colour.

As a consequence of our work with colour theory and exploration, we could not ignore the process of classifying and categorising colour in some shape or form. 2nd year students made new colour discoveries and inventions through a mapping and name identification project.


Our discovery work involved searching for paper colour samples in magazines and catalogues. Each pupil was assigned a colour and began collecting a batch of 20 4×5 cm samples in a variety of shades and surface textures. After this stage we created names for our new found colour collection. From Mossy Green to Pearly Yellow, we invented over 300 colour profiles in total!

We then began plotting the new colours on a large sheet of white packing paper. The pupils were encouraged to arrange and plot the colours as desired, working in a team. After lots of discussion and card shuffling the children created a colour orientation map, a colour island map and a colour patchwork map. Each map is a unique portrait of group research and the application of results.


Mapping colours is fun and great for English word order practice and spelling. We created some new words too, with Crystalline Blue being my personal favourite!

Well done 2a, 2b and 2c.

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