happy easter, happy eggs

eggpaint01 What a beautiful basket of eggs!


This week our 8yr olds experimented with different egg decoration processes, and it was more complicated that you might think! We used both boiled and blown eggs, emptied of their contents by gently tapping their bottoms with a sharp kitchen knife until a little hole appears, so the egg yolk can run out. They were then washed in prepared for painting.

We painted the blown eggs with white acrylic paint and left them to dry. Meanwhile we rubbed the boiled eggs with lacquered paint, creating a set of brightly coloured eggs with a very special effect.


Once our blown eggs were dry the children got to work with black and red permanent markers, making patterns and drawings to complete the decoration work. And now the eggs are ready to give to someone for Easter!


Beautiful eggs by Francesca, Tito, Viola and Sofia.





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