in memory of munari


Meet 3c!

A group of fantastic third year Middle School pupils! Here we are researching and exploring the world of symmetry c/o our new friend Bruno Munari.

The first step was to “face off”, inventing new faces to add to Munari’s extensive collection. Many of the pupils’ faces somehow drew upon elements of themselves. A bit robotic perhaps, but still a good opportunity for self representation using a few strokes with a black marker pen.


This exercise helped us dive into the spirit of our artist in residence – Bruno Munari and the next task was to create a game based on the new faces.


The children were divided into groups, and worked on a game design (memory, aka concentration).


Each group made 48 cards, or 24 ‘pairs’, and created the packaging. The faces were transferred to card to make them more durable, and placed in a handmade box. Each group made an instruction booklet to accompany the game.


Well done 3c!


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