tweetkids papershop: paper chain people


Today, the infant school group made paper children, mermaids, ballerinas and football players, five of each to be precise, as we used the accordian paper technique to make paper chain people. With a little help cutting out the shapes, each child was able to work through the process and see one shape magically transform into a chain of five!

The classic form of this quick and easy game of paper multiples is made with a simple doll shape, but the same technique can be applied to any form, as long as you cut a part of the shape to the end of the paper accordion.


Of course, each mermaid, ballerina, child or football player then had a make-over to give each one a little personality.

To end the workshop we watched episode 31 of Peppa Pig, where Peppa goes to her first ballet lesson – with everyones’ favourite teacher Madame Gazelle. Hello Madame!

Well done paper makers: Arianna, Viola, Sara, Erica, Lorenzo, Gabriele and Giulia

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