tweetkids colourshop: the sky is green…


It all began with a short poem entitled “colour” today.


Take a brush:
the sky is green
the grass is blue
you are purple
the house is silver
the sun is black
the river is gold
the world has changed.
Did you do that?

by Michael Rosen, British Children’s Laureate

This poem is really good for challenging what we see and how we see, so we began to make drawings to see what the poem could look like.


Alice and Viola were offended about colouring the world with an unconventional brush, while Tito, Davide and Lorenzo enjoyed painting a strange new view.


Our new question is: what colour is the world? and the answer…? You choose!

We ended the workshop with an episode of Charlie and Lola: I wish I could draw exactly more like you!

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