tweetkids shapeshop: pick-your-own


It’s pick-your-own season (PYO)!

Well almost. We hope that soon we really will be able to discover and taste the fruits of summer. Instead we are stuck inside with the rain pouring down outside. This has to be the longest winter in history!

So let’s play pick-your-own inside with a couple of buckets full of colourful shapes (also known as plastic cutters).


The goal was to fish for shapes and then work with them individually to create a family of objects, including animals, dinosaurs, transport, signs, peopleĀ and everyday objects, and simply familiarise ourselves with groups of objects and their names.


Alice, Davide, Viola, Tito and Lorenzo loved creating groups of similar objects and making categories. They transferred their choices on to paper by drawing round them, colouring, and labelling.


Great work kids!

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