tweetkids colourshop: olivine, cobalt blue and rose alabaster


Making beautiful stones, and learning about new colours and light.

Let’s get geological with soap!


Here you can see the primary material, small blocks of coloured transparent soap. We carved, shaped and sculpted the little blocks to make some shiny gemstones: olivine, lime, citrine, ruby, cobalt blue, rose alabaster.


The soft soap is easy to cut and a nice precious stone effect can be made by carefully slicing corners of the original piece. Here we are with eating knives cutting the soap.


Once each piece has been carved to make a faceted surface, it glows and sparkles just like a real gemstone when held up to the light.


Here are some of our best creations:


We were so proud of our rare and precious new minerals, we made boxes for them to be given as bathroom gifts! Here is Viola’s cobalt blue and lime box.


And here are the most beautiful leftovers we have ever seen. The shavings from our handy work are just as enchanting as the jewels themselves.


A fantastic workshop and lots of precious fun with Francesca, Ludovico, Viola, Matteo and Viola.

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