tweetkids materialshop: wired flowers


Instant fragile jewels

Remaining with the theme of jewellery (see previous post tweetkids xperishop), today the little ones played with copper wire to make wired flower rings. Thin copper wire is easily available from a hardware shop and making a flower is easy!


1. Take a small 15 cm ruler and wrap the the wire around and around about half the ruler.

2. Carefully slide the wrapped wire off the ruler and thread a length of wire through one side of the  ‘wrap’.

3. Pull the threaded wire to make a ‘waist’ to create the receptacle of the flower.

4. Finally, pull down the wire petals and make a wire ring for your finger!

Fab flowers kids! Erica, Lorenzo, Giulia, Arianna, Gabriele, Viola, Sara.

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