tweetkids workshop: chasing, tracing birds


Tweet tweet. Let’s trace!

Armed with some handsome bird prints, we made the transfer from white paper to transparent tracing paper. We all traced round the owls, big birds, peacocks and sparrows with graphite pencils.


This is nice way to make a near perfect copy of an original print, and understand the different forms. But that wasn’t all. We used the traced birds to create paper models so as to apply new patterns to the birds and give them a totally new look!


This activity works with 6-7 year olds, but requires a steady hand for tracing and cutting out the pieces. They will need help cutting the tracing paper because it is very thin and delicate.


Here we can see the patterned paper and the new birds in all their glory!


Well done Davide, Lorenzo, Alice, Tito and Viola.

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